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How to clean out Emails:
Go through your emails and delete unnecessary emails.
Remember to empty your deleted items.

How to determine Mailbox Size:
Select Tools
Mailbox Clean Up
View Mailbox Size

To locate items larger than 250 kilobytes:
Select Tools
Mailbox Clean Up
Look at items larger than 250 kilobytes--Click on FIND
Look at items and delete unnecessary mail

How to save Emails:
Click on Office Button
Save As
Select folder
Enter file name
For Save as Type: Click on down arrow and select Outlook Message Format
Click on SAVE

Multiple Emails:
Press SHIFT to select adjacent emails
Press CTRL to select nonadjacent emails
Select the emails you want, Click on Edit, Select Copy (If you prefer not to delete emails when finished, you can select CUT instead of COPY)
Click on tab where you are going to send emails: My Computer, H drive, etc
Select appropriate folder
Click on Edit
Select Paste

Emails should be coping into new folder.
Once finished, you can press DELETE to delete emails from Inbox. If you prefer to skip this step, use CUT instead of COPY.

How to create a distribution list:

Instructions for creating your own group email or distribution list:
Open up Microsoft Outlook
Select Tools
Address Book
Click on new entry icon or click on File, New Entry
In the Entry type box, Select New Distribution List
Put this entry in the contacts, click on OK
Name the entry—Key the name of your distribution list
Example: FC Science Teachers, FC coworkers, Grade 11 Teachers, or Activity Members
Click on select members--Select the members by either double-clicking on name or by clicking one time on name then click on member icon

Save and close
—if you do not click on Save and close, then your group will not be saved.
How to use group created:
Select new email
Click on To:
On the right side, there is an option to view the names you created, select “Show names from the” and click on down arrow to find outlook address book, and click on contacts. This is where your group list is located.

View Toolbars:

Select View, Toolbars, Standard
The viewbars being displayed have a checkmark beside it.

Difference between Reply and Reply to All:

Reply - email goes back to original sender
Reply to All - email goes back to original sender as well as everyone who received the email (All contacts in the To, Cc, and Bcc.)