• Use LAME.mp3 encoder to export as an mp3 file. Once format is mp3, you can save it to a wiki, post to web, etc.

Guides to assist with Audacity:

  • Advice from Dave Tomasic:

Save a aproject file under one name. Then split your project into parts with each section being on a different track. Save this as a separate project file (different but related name). You will now have the original and a working file. From your projects with split tracks, copy each portion you split off into a project file of its own...(copy and paste into empty track of another open audacity project). Save each of these as projects with appropriate names. You can then do further editing of each of separate portions of the original until they have the quality you desire. (dont forget to periodically save your projedt files). When you are done, export each project file as a file type of your choice (mp3, wav, etc,)

  • Advice from Dom Salvucci:
Save your original file as an AUP, or audacity file. Then edit the file and save as other names, this will keep you from losing the original file.

When you are done and like what you have, choose the "Export" option under the file tab for each new file clip. I usually export as an MP3 file.