Inductee and Mentor Resources:

Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators
PA Codes
Code of Conduct:
PA Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct Links
Knowledge of Curriculum and Local Academic Standards
Standards from SAS
Evaluation, Grading and Assessment
Edline 2011-2012
Edline Help
Edline and Gradebook info
GradeQuick Help Online
Classroom/Time Management; Organization of Instruction and Instructional Materials
Books for inductees.
Elements of Effective Lesson Design including Differentiated Instruction and Flexible Grouping

Professional Supervision and Evaluation (Teacher Observation Tool)

Formative Assessment and Feedback
Formative Assessment
Data Analysis and Data –Driven Decision Making
EdInsight Login: http://edinsight/EdInsight/Login.aspx
EdInsight Help
Effective Parent Communication and Conferencing
Books for inductees.
Response to Intervention (RtI) Model
RtI site
Effective Communication Practices

Discipline Techniques, Practices and Policies
Add Links for referral forms, detention forms, tardy information, and student handbook.
Certification Issues, Opportunities for Professional Development, Strategic Planning, Professional Development Plan
Act 48 Credit:
Contact Human Resources
Review ASD and specific building websites
Edit and maintain teacher webpage
Technology Training
Edline and Gradebook info:
Add sites for MS Office, Promethean boards, QOMO boards, ELMO, MOBI, and Student Response System Clickers
Submit a trouble ticket after contacting building technology mentor
Safe Schools, Student Health Issues
Safe Schools
  • Building Committee Members
  • Lock Down Procedures
  • Fire, Evacuation, and Emergency Drills
  • Walk throughs
Student Health
Go to nurse for the Health Needs List and review and document for each class, each student, each semester!
Employee Handbook, District Policies, Practices and Procedures (including budget)
Board Policies:
Review ASD and specific school website
Edit and maintain teacher webpage
Student Support Services (ESS, Secondary Guidance)

SAP Referral form: Add link to for referral form

Special Education Guidelines (Chapter 14), Gifted Education Guidelines (Chapter 16)
Review and sign off IEP and GIEPs at the beginning of each semester for each student in Guidance office.
Chapter 14
Chapter 16
Variety of resources and templates

1251 form


Budget forms

Field trip

Project 500

Lesson plans for elementary and secondary

Movie and book permission form

Act 48 outside of ASD

Weekly time sheet

Incident report form

Discipline form

Co-curricular denial

Quick Access to Websites for ASD Teachers:

Connect to VPN:

Online Courses for Professional Development:

  • SAS, Professional development

Promethean Board:

By completing the Level 1 Promethean course, you will be to able to utilize any Promethean board throughout the district with ease.
In order to create an account, follow this link:
You will be completing the Level 1 – Foundation Skills Course –FREE, using the ActivStudio version.
Click on the Activstudio link to read about the units.
Click on Create a New Account link to create your account. You will be guided through the process.
The Promethean Packet is at the following link:

Internet Safety for Teens: